Bouncy Hero

Bouncy Hero

Bouncy Hero

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Bouncy Hero iOS / Android Gameplay

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BOUNCY HERO by Kiseki Games (iOS and Android Gameplay)

Who let the cows out?!

Be the Hero and lead the animals home in this fresh new runner game. Animals will follow you as you run through obstacles to lead them to safety. They will reward you with awesome power ups: Rocket, Giant or Magnet. The more animals you manage to save, the more powerful your power up becomes! How far can you go?

* 3 areas to play with 21 adorable animals to collect
* Over 40 unlockable heroes!
* Loads of challenging missions to complete
* Easy to play, hard to master

Follow and contact Kiseki Games from Settings screen in the game or the following links:




Thanks for playing!

New Ice Area with 7 new animals
New Area based obstacles
Easier tutorials
UI improvements
Increase Magnet and Giant Power Ups' durations
Stomped on some bugs as we are bouncing on!